Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring is the most preferred type of flooring because if installed properly it stays the same for years. Apart from the durability availability of tiles in various designs and textures woo the buyers and compel them to buy it. These tiles are made up of slabs and fired up for hardness.

There are glazed and unglazed tiles. Glazed tiles are hard with a smooth surface and repel stains and water. Textured, smooth, matte, satin, high gloss or rainbow glazed tiles available in the market.

Unglazed tiles, as the name suggests are unfinished ones and are made up of fired clay or an added color. It is scratch resistant unlike the glazed tiles but it attracts satins because of its rough surface. Tiles are available in various sizes so you can easily select the one according to your needs.

Very fine thin grout is used to fill the joints between the tiles and sometimes colored to match up with the tile’s color.

One should always prefer for nonslippery, dirt proof surfaced tiles for flooring. The friction factor of a tile decides either it should be used for flooring or not.

As tiles are nonflexible, unforgiving movement and heavy they are placed over a tough base which eliminates the risk of cracking of tiles. To make it more durable and strong a subfloor including cement backer, plywood is used. The easiest way is to lay them on a solid slab using a thin paste.

Tile Flooring

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