Hardwood Flooring

Wood Flooring is a very stylish, popular, and beautiful type of flooring. Though there are not many colors available there are various species to choose from. But it’s a difficult task to choose the right kind of wooden flooring as each species has different characteristics. 

Here are a few tips to make your task a bit easier.

If you want a finished look then look for the species which has a cleaner and finished look like Cherry, Birch, and Maple. You may opt for Pine or Oak if you are looking for a rustic and pretty casual look. The kind of wooden furniture you have in your room can also be a deciding factor.

Obviously you would not like to spoil your decor with mismatching furniture and wooden flooring. If not matching then you can go for a contrast wooden texture as its also in. like if you have furniture made up of Cherry or oak wood then light-colored wooden flooring would be a good option to highlight the furniture. Simply dark-colored flooring is the best option for light-colored furniture.

Size is the next criteria as there are hell lots of sizes are available to confuse you. By size, I mean the length and width of the wooden strips. Blocks with less width are called Strip Floors whereas short length blocks are known as shorts and will have more variations and will flaunt a busier look.

Blocks with more width, when combined with the ones having more lengths, give an elegant look to the area. 

Hardwood Flooring

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