Bamboo Flooring

As you think of bamboo flooring the first thing comes your mind is Delicate and not durable but this is not the case. Bamboo flooring is a very different and attractive kind of flooring which is even stronger than Rock Maple and Red Oak. Even its contraction and expansion rate is lesser than hardwoods. Environmentally it is the strongest kind of flooring.

It’s an awesome substitute for hardwood and one of the reasons behind its popularity is that hardwood is available in a limited amount whereas this is a fast-growing grass. Yeah, it’s simply made from grass, not from wood. This is highly environmentally friendly.

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Some of the most popular types of bamboo Flooring is:

Tapic Flooring:

It is comparatively thinner than most bamboo flooring styles as it is one layered design. It has an elegant look.

Unfinished Unlacquered Bamboo Flooring:

This kind of flooring is not ready for use just after the installation. It needs to be coated then waxed and polished after that. But it gives the consumer to have better-finished flooring.

Finished Lacquered Bamboo Flooring:

This finished Lacquered Bamboo Flooring is available in two natural colors namely Carbonized Colour and Fresh Mao. Both colors have different and appealing styles. First of all carbonized bamboo is treated at a high temperature and turns brown like coffee. Then before selling, its lacquered first.

Bamboo Flooring

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